Everytown for Gun Safety


California schools are some of the safest from gun violence in the country, but the gun lobby wants to bring guns to our campuses. Some school districts are exploiting a loophole that would let people carry guns in schools by arming teachers and other staff.

A new bill would close this dangerous loophole and make sure our students can learn in a safe, gun-free environment, and we need as many Californians as possible to send a message to Governor Brown.

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Dear Governor Brown ––

Please stand by our children and families by ensuring that guns stay away from schools.

While guns are generally prohibited on K-12 campuses, some school districts have begun exploiting a loophole in the law to encourage teachers and staff to carry firearms. This practice ignores the extensive research that shows the dangerous risks to our students and educators posed by the presence of guns on school grounds.

The California legislature recently passed AB 424 to close this dangerous loophole. I urge you to sign AB 424 into law to protect our children and educators from preventable gun violence.

Thank you for helping to keep our schools safe.

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