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Urge Congress: Don't Arm Our Teachers!

The Department of Education is recklessly weighing a plan to use federal money that is meant to "improve students' academic achievement" to buy guns and arm teachers. As school comes back in session, the last thing parents, or students, should be thinking about is whether a teacher might have a loaded gun in the classroom. We need to make sure Congress listens to the American people and BLOCKS this dangerous proposal.

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Dear Representative,

I'm writing as your constituent and a concerned American to urge you to block the Department of Education's dangerous proposal to use federal money — meant for the improvement of students' academic achievement — to buy guns and arm teachers. Research shows that arming teachers with guns doesn't protect our students. Instead, it makes them less safe. And after the tragic mass shootings at schools in Parkland, FL and Santa Fe, TX, Americans across the country — including students, teachers, school resource officers, and law enforcement organizations — are actively rejecting proposals that would arm teachers in classrooms. It's critical that our government listens to the voice of the American people and helps to keep our communities and our schools safe.

For these reasons, please block this dangerous proposal from the Department of Education.

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