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Stop Permitless Carry in South Dakota

The South Dakota Legislature is considering a bill that would allow people to carry hidden, loaded handguns in public without a permit — including those with violent histories, certain weapons offenders, and people who have never passed a background check.

Permitless carry laws have had devastating effects in other states, where gun violence has increased after they have been enacted. In fact, the impact of these bills is considered so extreme, that last year, former South Dakota Governor Daugaard vetoed the bill approved by the Legislature out of concern for public safety.

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As your constituent, I am asking you to put the safety of South Dakotan families first and reject Senate Bill 47. "Permitless carry" bills like SB 47 would allow people — including those who are not South Dakota residents — to carry hidden, loaded handguns in public without a permit.

South Dakotans from all across the state are satisfied with the existing permitting system, which requires a criminal background check and prevents people with violent histories, weapons offenders, and habitual alcohol and drug users from carrying concealed handguns in our communities. Polling conducted last year showed that 87 percent of South Dakota voters ― including 92 percent of South Dakota gun owners – support the existing permit requirement.

Further, states that have enacted permitless carry laws similar to SB 47 have seen an uptick in gun violence. Permitless carry is considered so extreme that former Governor Daugaard vetoed a similar bill passed by the legislature just last year.

I hope you'll consider the safety of South Dakotan communities when you cast your vote on SB 47 and choose to reject this dangerous bill.

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