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U.S. Senate: Strong Red Flag law now!

Red Flag laws save lives by creating a way for family members and law enforcement to act before warning signs escalate into tragedies. Send your U.S. Senators an email now and tell them it's time to pass a strong Red Flag law.

Dear Senator,

As your constituent, I urge you to support a strong Red Flag law that includes temporary emergency orders that help prevent gun violence tragedies. A Red Flag law that can reduce gun violence and stop gun suicides and mass shootings will center on allowing families and law enforcement to petition a court for guns to be temporarily removed from individuals when there's clear evidence they pose a violent threat to themselves or others.

A Red Flag bill in the U.S. Senate should not punish the 17 states that have passed these types of strong Red Flag laws. Temporary emergency orders include due process while equipping families and law enforcement with a way to intervene to save lives and prevent gun tragedies. After the horrific school shooting in Parkland in 2018, Florida became one of the now 17 states that have passed this kind of strong Red Flag law. In too many tragedies — Parkland, Aurora, Tucson — there were clear warning signs that the shooters posed a threat, but law enforcement did not have this tool to prevent the shooter from accessing the firearms they used to kill dozens of innocent people.

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