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On February 14th, 17 students and educators were shot and killed and dozens more were injured during a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Devastated, we are grieving and demanding that our elected officials offer more than just their thoughts and prayers. In cities all across the country, millions of Americans joined the March For Our Lives to send lawmakers a clear message: we demand action on common-sense gun safety laws to protect our schools, families, and communities.

But in response to the tragedy in Parkland, President Trump and the NRA are pushing for laws that would arm teachers and allow civilians to carry guns into our elementary, middle and high schools — ignoring the voices of students and survivors of gun violence.

These bills are sold as a way to keep kids safe, but in reality, they do just the opposite, putting children at risk of unintentional shootings and escalating conflict without decreasing the risk of an active shooter.

Arming elementary school teachers? Seriously?

We know Trump and NRA leadership will keep pushing this dangerous policy across the country, unless we fight to stop them.

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