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No Guns in Indiana Schools!

HB 1253 — a bill moving through the Indiana legislature — goes to a dangerous extreme in its approach to training teachers to respond to active shooter situations, it actually incentivizes arming teachers. Paired with SB 119, a bill which includes language that would allow guns on school grounds, the gun lobby's extreme agenda intends to put our state's children at risk of gun violence.

Send your lawmaker a message asking them to oppose measures to allow guns in Indiana schools!

I'm reaching out today to strongly oppose any attempts to encourage or allow guns in Indiana schools. Sadly, firearms are currently the second leading cause of death for children and teens in America. That's why I'm concerned that the Indiana legislature is considering two bills that would allow guns in our state's schools: HB 1253 and SB 119.

SB 119 opens a broad loophole by allowing guns on school property. Under SB 119, a person present at a school “in connection with” a worship service or religious ceremony, or who is working or volunteering at a house of worship located at the school, would be allowed to carry a loaded gun anywhere on the school's premises. And certain elementary, middle, and high schools could even be forced to allow civilians to carry loaded handguns on school premises, regardless of the judgment of school administrators and safety professionals.

HB 1253 seeks to normalize guns in schools and incentives schools to arm teachers.

Allowing more guns on school grounds is not the answer: research shows that arming teachers is not only ineffective, it also puts both students and teachers at greater risk for gun violence.

I urge you to keep our current public safety laws intact and keep guns out of our children's classrooms. Please oppose SB 119 and HB 1253.

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