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NJ Lawmakers: Prohibit Ghost Guns Now!

Only weeks ago supporters like you flooded the State Department's phone lines and inboxes with our demand to STOP the distribution of downloadable gun blueprints.

Now, New Jersey lawmakers have a chance to pass the most comprehensive legislative package in the nation to prohibit the distribution of "ghost guns" — which encompass downloadable 3D gun blueprints and undetectable, untraceable, and disguised firearms. But, they must first take action by voting on the bill.

Use this form to tell your lawmakers to make passing this bill their #1 priority.

As your constituent, I am writing to ask you to make passing S2465 your number one priority.

This bill would not only prevent the dissemination of downloadable, 3D-printed gun blueprints in New Jersey but would also prohibit undetectable, untraceable and disguised firearms. All of these untraceable firearms, including those that people can make themselves, are a public safety risk because they allow people with dangerous histories to avoid background check requirements and assemble guns without serial numbers that cannot be traced by law enforcement.

Though a federal court temporarily blocked the State Department from letting the company Defense Distributed release schematics for 3D-printed guns, you have the chance to take action now to protect New Jerseyans and go even further to make sure untraceable, undetectable guns are also kept out of our communities.

This is our chance to continue to serve as a national leader on gun safety and demonstrate our commitment to keeping the Garden State safe from gun violence. I urge you to pass S2465/A3129.


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