Everytown for Gun Safety

Our state needs a law to help prevent mass shootings and gun suicides

In February, students ran out of their high school in Parkland, Florida after a person shot and killed 17 students and staff, and wounded 17 others. The alleged shooter’s mother had contacted law enforcement about his behavior on numerous occasions. There were clear red flags for violence. The call for Red Flag Laws was renewed following the more recent mass shooting at a 18+ night in Thousand Oaks, CA.

States across the country have passed Red Flag Laws which empower family and law enforcement to petition for a court order that temporarily restricts a person’s access to guns when they pose a risk to themselves or others.

Now the statehouse is filled with lawmakers committed to ending gun violence — let's ensure they make passing a Red Flag Law their number one priority for 2019. Add your name to the call now!

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