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NC Lawmakers Have Fast Tracked Dangerous Legislation to Repeal Background Checks on Unlicensed Handgun Sales. Act Now Before They Vote!

The North Carolina Senate is about to vote on legislation that would reopen a loophole in our permitting system, repealing background checks on unlicensed handgun sales.

At a time when far too many people are dying from gun violence, North Carolina lawmakers should be working to strengthen our gun safety laws, not dismantle them.

Send the following message to your NC state senator urging them to vote NO on HB 398 >>

Dear Senator,

As your constituent, I urge you to vote no on dangerous legislation that would gut gun safety in our state—bills like HB 398.

If passed, this bill would reopen a dangerous loophole in our gun safety laws by eliminating the unlicensed sale background check requirement.

This would make it easy for felons, domestic abusers, and people with dangerous histories to buy handguns from gun shows or people offering firearms for sale online.

Please vote in the interest of your constituents' safety by voting no on HB 398.

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