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Missouri Reps: Stop Advancing Gun Legislation Without Public Hearings

Right now, the Missouri House is trying to sneak dangerous gun legislation into unrelated bills and pass them without public hearings.

Tell your representative to oppose SB 600, SB 774, and SB 523 — bills that would increase guns in schools by requiring all public school protection officers to be armed. They should not be advancing gun legislation without public hearings in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

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As one of your constituents, I'm urging you to stop advancing legislation that would threaten public safety while we are in the middle of a global pandemic.

The Missouri House Committee on Regulatory Oversight and Reform has passed SB 600, SB 774, and SB 523 with a number of added amendments, including the "Keep Our Schools Safe Act." This amendment would require all public school protection officers, who can be teachers, administrative staff, or volunteer retired law enforcement officers, to carry firearms.

Research shows that guns in schools puts our children more at risk of gun violence. It is unacceptable to sneak dangerous gun legislation into unrelated bills without public hearings. The SB 600, SB 774, and SB 523 amendments are from HB 1961, a bill that was never discussed on the House floor or made it to the Senate for a public committee hearing. In the midst of a national public health crisis, the focus should be on the public safety of our communities — not on policies that would put our children at risk for further gun violence.

Stop advancing SB 600, SB 774, and SB 523.

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