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Missouri Deserves Action NOW

Instead of focusing on urgently needed solutions to the gun violence epidemic, Missouri lawmakers have spent the past 40 days of the legislative session doing the gun lobby's bidding.

Missourians are fed up with their inaction. Tell key lawmakers that it's past time for action on gun violence prevention — we need laws that help keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

Dear lawmaker,

I’m writing to you as a Missouri constituent to urge you to focus on meaningful gun violence prevention and to REJECT HB 1936, a dangerous bill that would force colleges to allow hidden, loaded handguns on their campuses, and allow guns in private schools, bars, and daycares. This bill even undermines private property rights in Missouri by allowing people to bring concealed handguns onto private property - even when the property owner has posted no-gun signs.

Missouri needs proactive legislation to prevent gun violence in our communities, not extreme legislation that would undermine public safety.

I ask you to start with closing the loophole that allows domestic violence abusers easy access to guns. In the last three years, nearly 100 Missouri residents were killed in intimate partner violence incidents and two-third of these incidents involved a firearm. And many states have already enacted bipartisan laws that help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous domestic abusers. Our neighbors in the Kansas House recently passed legislation to do just that by a 120-0 vote.

Please REJECT legislation like HB 1936 and promote bills that will truly keep our families safe.

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