Everytown for Gun Safety

Make a commitment: Fight with us in 2018 to end gun violence

In the five years since Sandy Hook, our country has banded together to advocate for common sense gun measures. While the NRA-backed politicians in Congress have worked to push their dangerous "guns everywhere" agenda, we've been facing them head on by showing up to town halls and meetings across the country and in droves to hearings on Capitol Hill.

And while the fight has been challenging, the progress we've made is a testament to the commitment of the millions of gun sense champions across the country. From blocking bad gun bills that allow guns in K-12 schools, to helping to pass good gun laws that protect the victims of domestic violence, we're all fighting for a country that is free from gun violence. In 2018, we're taking the fight to the ballot and that commitment is needed now more than ever.

Make a commitment to stand and fight with us in 2018.

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Make the commitment: Fight to end gun violence in 2018.

Stand with us as we fight for an America free from gun violence.

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