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Los Angeles City Council: Fund Gun Violence Intervention

More than 300 Los Angeles residents were killed in homicides in 2020—the vast majority being gun deaths. It hasn't been that high in over a decade. We can help stop rising violence with community-based solutions.

The Los Angeles Intervention Coalition is calling for a $54 million investment in gang intervention agencies. These agencies deploy peacemakers who improve public safety, community wellbeing, and trust within Los Angeles communities of color.

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Dear City Council Member,

I am deeply concerned that Los Angeles just experienced over 300 homicides in 2020, a grim and historic milestone that has not been reached in over a decade. To reduce rising gun violence, I urge you to support the Los Angeles Intervention Coalition’s call for a $54 million investment to expand the work of essential peacemakers.

Gang intervention agencies are a proven community-based solution to improve safety, community wellbeing, and trust within Los Angeles’ communities of color. These goals cannot be achieved by law enforcement alone.

We applaud Mayor Garcetti’s recent veto of the council’s plan to spend funding diverted from the Los Angeles Police Department on an array of non-essential community services, including tree trimming and sidewalk repair. At a time of rising homicides and shootings, we believe this funding should instead be used to reimagine public safety.

Please support our brave peacemakers and provide a transformative $54M investment in gang intervention to reduce gun violence in Los Angeles.

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