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Tell Rhode Island lawmakers: Keep guns away from domestic abusers

Domestic abusers shouldn't have guns. Period. But right now, Rhode Island makes it too easy for abusers to get their hands on guns, putting our communities in danger.

Use our tool to send a message to your legislators and ask them to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous domestic abusers.

Dear Lawmaker --

I'm writing to urge you to vote YES on HB 5510, the Protect Rhode Island Families Act, a bill that will protect women and families from gun violence by keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

When a woman is being abused and her partner has access to a gun, she is five times more likely to be killed -- and right now, it's far too easy for known domestic abusers in Rhode Island to get their hands on guns.

This bill will protect victims of domestic abuse in Rhode Island by:

  1. Barring abusers convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence crimes from possessing guns.
  2. Barring abusers who are currently subject to final protection from abuse orders from possessing guns.
  3. Making sure that these same domestic abusers turn in the guns they already possess.

Between 2006 and 2015, 54 people lost their lives to domestic violence homicides in Rhode Island -- enough is enough. Our neighbors in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey have already taken action, and so should we.

It's a commonsense policy that will help save lives in Rhode Island, and I hope you will take a stand to protect victims of domestic abuse and vote YES on HB 5510.

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I'm writing as a concerned Rhode Island resident to urge you to protect women and families and keep guns away from dangerous domestic abusers.

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