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Vote this November and hold Virginia Republicans accountable for failing to act!

On July 9, Republicans in the Virginia General Assembly chose to adjourn a special legislative session in Richmond after only 90 minutes instead of even considering a plan on gun safety, wasting taxpayers’ time and money and looking the other way in the face of tragedies like the shooting in Virginia Beach that killed 12.

They chose the NRA over the bipartisan majority of voters who support common-sense measures to reduce gun violence.

Sign our open letter to tell Republican lawmakers: you made your priorities clear, and this November, Virginia voters will remember.

(Read the full op-ed by Everytown President John Feinblatt here.)

Dear Virginia General Assembly Republicans,

Politics is about choices, and you chose a familiar response to the mass shooting in Virginia Beach: complete and utter inaction.

You chose not to act on a plan supported by a bipartisan majority to enact common-sense measures such as universal background checks, an extreme-risk law and an assault weapons ban that would keep guns away from people with dangerous histories.

In short, you, the Republican lawmakers of Virginia, chose to again put the interests of the National Rifle Association ahead of public safety. That is your prerogative. But soon, the people of Virginia will have a choice.

Everytown is working hard with our local Moms Demand Action and gun violence survivor volunteers to build on the momentum of recent gun safety victories and send a gun-sense majority to the Virginia General Assembly on Nov. 5.

Our strategy is simple: Ask Virginians whether they want lawmakers who will do the NRA’s bidding or honor the victims and survivors of gun violence with action. You, the Republican lawmakers, just made your choice. Now the power lies with the people.

We're putting you on notice. I am a voter of Virginia, and I promise to vote for gun-sense leaders this November.


a disappointed voter of Virginia.

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In Virginia, Republican lawmakers chose the NRA over public safety. In November, the choice will lie with voters.

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