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Gun Free School Zones

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump vowed to force guns into schools. That’s not surprising, given that the NRA poured $30 million into the race to get him elected.

And right now, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose guns in schools, Congress is considering legislation that would ban gun-free school zones.

Here's what Senator Chris Murphy had to say about that:

"If people thought the DeVos nomination created a tempest of fury from teachers and parents, the amount of outrage produced by repealing the Gun Free School Zones legislation would make what happened on DeVos look like a picnic."

That's exactly right. Congress needs to learn that they work for us, the American people -- not the corporate gun lobby and the craven leadership over at the NRA.

Sign the petition now to tell Congress: OPPOSE legislation that would ban gun-free school zones!

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Sign the petition to tell Congress:

OPPOSE legislation banning gun-free school zones!

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