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Gov. Rauner: Sign Gun Dealer Licensing Into Law!

Thanks to thousands of calls and emails and months of organizing by supporters like you, a bill that will help combat gun trafficking in Illinois PASSED THROUGH THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY and is one step closer to becoming law.

The Gun Dealer Licensing Act, SB 1657, would require responsible business practices among gun dealers and hold corrupt dealers accountable.

Add your name to our letter asking Gov. Rauner to sign this bill into law!

Dear Governor Rauner,

As an Illinois resident, I’m calling on you to sign SB 1657: The Gun Dealer Licensing Act. SB 1657 would require gun dealers to implement responsible business practices, and would hold corrupt dealers accountable. It would curb illegally trafficked firearms from entering our communities by:

  1. Requiring dealers and gun store employees to complete training in responsible gun business practices, and the laws applicable to selling firearms
  2. Requiring every gun store employee with access to firearms to first pass a criminal background check
  3. Allowing law enforcement to inspect gun dealers during business hours, and requiring dealers to implement security measures like alarm systems and video surveillance

I hope you’ll sign SB 1657 into law and support other gun sense policies that promote public safety in Illinois.

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