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Add Your Name: Pass the Disarm Hate Act

In an average year, over 10,300 hate crimes in the United States involve a firearm — more than 28 each day.

But in most of the US, some people convicted of hate crimes can still legally buy or possess guns. And we've seen that when hate comes armed with a gun, it is most often deadly.

In 2016, it was an LGBTQ nightclub on Latin night in Orlando. A year before, it was a historic African-American church in Charleston. In 2018, it was a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Reports indicate that hate crimes are on the rise. We need to act NOW to pass the Disarm Hate Act in Congress, which would prohibit people convicted of hate crimes from buying or possessing guns.

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The Disarm Hate Act will help keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them and prevent hate crimes committed with a firearm — add your name now in support of this important bill.

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