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Governor DeWine: Veto Stand Your Ground!

In the middle of the night, the Ohio state legislature snuck Stand Your Ground language into another bill and passed it.

Now it's up to Governor Mike DeWine to veto this dangerous gun bill to ensure our state gun laws are not weakened.

Stand Your Ground threatens public safety, encourages violence, and disproportionately puts Black Ohioans at higher risk of gun violence. This policy is racist, and it cannot become Ohio law.

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Dear Governor DeWine,

I'm an Ohio resident and I'm urging you to VETO Stand Your Ground.

It's outrageous that the state legislature chose to use their final days of the legislative session to sneak this dangerous gun policy into SB 175 in the middle of the night. Mayors, police chiefs, and thousands of Ohioans have spoken out in strong opposition of Stand Your Ground—and state lawmakers ignored us.

This is your chance to do something, Governor DeWine. Stand Your Ground weakens public safety, encourages violence, and disproportionately impacts Black communities. It's an invitation for people to shoot to kill in public, even when they can safely walk away from the danger—and that's not the type of state I want to live in.

No bill that makes us more vulnerable to gun violence should become law. Please veto SB 175 to stop Stand Your Ground.

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