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Tell Your TN Lawmakers: REJECT Permitless Carry!

Tennessee lawmakers are back in the Capitol—and they're trying to force through a dangerous bill that would allow people in our state to carry loaded handguns in public with no permit, no safety training, and no background check.

Critical votes on HB 2817/SB 2671 are expected imminently. Tell your state lawmakers to vote NO >>

Dear Lawmaker,

As a concerned constituent, I urge you to oppose permitless carry bill HB 2817/SB 2671.

I am disappointed the legislature chose to weaken training requirements last year, even though polls show Tennesseans overwhelmingly support our permitting system. A strong permitting system is crucial to responsible gun ownership and ensures those carrying handguns in public are trained and have gone through a background check. Not only do states with permitless carry laws see substantial increases in gun violence, but they also take away a vital tool from law enforcement to make sure people who shouldn't have guns aren't carrying them in public.

HB 2817/SB 2671 is a dangerous and reckless bill. Please vote no.

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