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Ask Governor Haslam to Oppose Guns in Schools

Governor Haslam created a school safety task force to study ways to keep schools safe in Tennessee. We don't know what results will come from this task force, but we do know that some extreme lawmakers in our state want to arm teachers and want more guns in schools. Send a message to Gov. Haslam so he knows Tennessee opposes guns in schools.

Dear Governor Haslam —

Thank you for expressing concerns about the idea of arming teachers and forming the "School Safety Working Group." I'm a constituent and am concerned with school safety and gun violence. I strongly oppose any measures that would arm teachers or school staff with guns and place more guns in our schools. I ask that you also oppose any of these measures.

More guns in schools, and in classrooms as students learn and teachers teach, make school communities less safe. That's why teachers and school safety experts oppose arming teachers. Public safety is important to me, and I hope you will support me and many other Tennesseans in opposing any measures to put guns in schools.

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