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Tell the Senate: Update Background Checks Now

94% of Americans agree — background checks should be required on all gun sales. Right now, the Senate can take action to close a deadly loophole in federal background checks law that would stop guns from getting into the hands of people who shouldn't have them. Send a message to your U.S. Senators and urge them to support background checks on all gun sales!

Dear Senator,

I'm writing as a concerned constituent to ask you to update the background check system for purchasing a firearm. The background check system works — and has stopped over 3.5 million illegal gun sales in the last 20 years. But under the current law, half of Americans live in states where a convicted felon, domestic abuser, or fugitive can purchase a gun through an unlicensed seller at a gun show or online — and in fact research shows that just one online firearms marketplace had over 1 million ads for firearm sales posted by unlicensed sellers in states where no background check was required. Troublingly, an investigation showed that 1 in 9 prospective online buyers would not have passed a background check.

Updating our background check system to close this dangerous loophole is critical for public safety. States that have closed the loophole are seeing results. 84% of unlicensed online sellers from states with background check laws are directly stating the sale would need a check. I hope you will stand with 94% of Americans and support background checks on all gun sales.

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