Everytown for Gun Safety

Guns don’t belong in Missouri classrooms!

Soon, the Missouri legislature will vote on a bill that would force public colleges and private K-12 schools to allow hidden, loaded guns on their campuses. Guns put students at greater risk of gun violence. Tell your lawmaker to oppose this bill!

As your constituent, I'm asking you to vote NO on HB 575, a bill that threatens public safety in Missouri educational institutions.

HB 575 would force public colleges and universities to allow guns onto their campuses. It would also allow colleges and universities to designate staff as "campus protection officers." This bill would also allow guns on the grounds of private K-12 schools.

States that have enacted laws allowing guns on college campuses are struggling to deal with the consequences. Accidental gun discharges have occurred and in some cases injured staff, and universities have faced lawsuits and seen greater staff turnover after implementing measures that allow guns on campus. Campus stakeholders such as police chiefs, students, administrators, and faculty have also opposed guns on campus.

I hope you'll act to protect Missouri students by voting no on HB 575.

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