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Oppose Public Measure #1 & Protect Gun Safety in Iowa!

In January 2021, the Iowa Legislature passed a resolution to amend our state constitution that will appear as Public Measure #1 on your November 8 ballot. Public Measure #1 would force Iowa courts to evaluate firearm-related laws using “strict scrutiny,” jeopardizing basic, common-sense public safety laws in Iowa.

If adopted, strict scrutiny would threaten to eliminate gun laws in the state, including prohibitions on gun possession by convicted felons, prohibitions on gun possession by domestic abusers, and minimum age, secure storage, and sensitive areas restrictions.

In addition, Public Measure #1 would leave taxpayers on the hook for costly litigation.

Our state is already experiencing high levels of gun violence – the last thing we need to be doing is tying our future lawmakers hands for years to come and opening the door to letting common sense protections be thrown out.

This November 8, Public Measure #1 will be on the ballot. It’s up to Iowa voters to protect our state constitution and oppose this dangerous change.

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