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Tell your U.S. representative: Oppose gutting our gun laws and support gun safety legislation

Gun lobby allies in Congress continue to attack the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)—the federal agency tasked with enforcing our gun laws, solving gun crimes, and keeping our communities safe from gun violence.

Just weeks after a school shooting in Nashville where the shooter used an assault weapon equipped with an arm brace, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee advanced legislation that would make it easier for dangerous individuals to get their hands on these modified guns.

Enough is enough. Common-sense gun policies on background checks, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and assault weapons can help prevent shootings and keep our families safe. Inaction is not an option, and these extreme attempts to gut our gun laws are shameful.

Demand the U.S. House prioritize gun safety. Our U.S. representatives must reject this extreme attempt at undermining the ATF, and take action on common-sense gun legislation like expanding background checks to all gun sales, passing a federal Extreme Risk Protection Order law, and reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban.

Dear Representative,

I am writing to you as a constituent filled with grief, fear, and anger. I am fed up. As countless acts of preventable gun violence continue to threaten the safety of communities across the country day after day, I am urging you to oppose the extreme attempts to attack the ATF, including efforts to repeal the ATF's arm brace rule, and, instead, support action on gun safety. I ask you to support common-sense legislation that would expand background checks to all gun sales, create a federal Extreme Risk Protection Order law, and reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban. This common-sense legislation can help prevent tragic mass shootings, as well as the 120 gun deaths that happen every day.

Please, I'm urging you to prioritize public safety. Take action and save lives.

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