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Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, who’s running for Governor of Connecticut, pulled out of our coalition. Instead of working to prevent gun violence, Mayor Boughton sided with the gun lobby.

Boughton’s slogan is “people over politics” -- but when people across Connecticut posted on his Facebook wall to show how they weren’t happy with his decision, his campaign deleted almost all of the comments in support of reforming gun laws.

What didn’t Mayor Boughton’s campaign want Connecticut to see? Heartfelt, honest messages from people across the state like these:

Facebook comment
“I just found out that you pulled out of the gun sense group. I don’t trust any politician who aligns himself with the gun lobby. Shame. You’ve betrayed your neighbor, Newtown.”
Facebook comment
“You certainly don’t have my support or the support of my newly-minted American citizen husband - mom & dad of a Sandy Hook survivor and friend of slain principal Dawn Hochsprung.”

Boughton’s campaign silenced the voices of Connecticut voters. It’s time to take action so that Boughton can’t just delete what you have to say.

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