Everytown for Gun Safety


Guns are the number one killer of children, teens, and college-aged youth in America. And over 40,000 people die by guns in an average year. It does not have to be this way.

The gun violence crisis costs our nation an estimated $557 billion annually - while the gun industry rakes in an estimated $9 billion each year. Gun companies have not and will not change until the havoc they've caused finally hits their bottom line. That's where we come in.

We are asking for Boston University to divest from the gun industry if they are currently invested, to pledge not to invest in gun companies, and to adopt a socially responsible investment policy. Divestment means getting rid of stocks, bonds, or investment funds. When an institution divests from a company, it stops providing capital for a company to use, and it stops taking a cut of the company's business. When done right, divesting from the gun industry should have no material impact on investment returns.

Boston University has a moral responsibility to use endowment money in a way that benefits its students. Investing in gun companies that profit off of the gun sales that wreak havoc on students and communities, inflict generational harm, and drag the U.S. economy down is certainly not in the best interest of students on any campus.

We are asking for our school to stop investing their money in a gun industry whose #KillerBusiness is killing us.

Join us and other students across the country doing the same in their schools and add your name to demand Boston University divest from the gun industry >>>>

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