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      Before you call:

      The most important thing to remember when calling an elected official is to remain polite and keep your call brief and respectful.

      Introduce yourself and ask for their position

      Hi, my name is [NAME] and I live in [TOWN], and I’m calling to ask for the Representative's position on gun reform and the King-Thompson bill.

      Wait for an answer

      If your representative supports gun reform and the bill: Thank them, and let the staff know that your representative has your support on this issue.

      If your representative does not have a clear position: Politely urge them to co-sponsor the King-Thomson bill (HR-1565) that will require background checks for commercial gun sales and save lives.

      If the Senator does not support gun reform or the King-Thompson bill: Politely tell them that you are a constituent and that gun reform is important to you. Tell them that you hope they will support the King-Thompson background checks bill, and that you’ll continue to keep pressure on Congress until meaningful reform is passed.

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