Speak out to stop these dangerous proposals

Send a message and tell Missouri lawmakers to reject the gun extremists' dangerous proposals.

 To: Missouri Lawmakers:

I'm writing to ask you REJECT these three dangerous gun proposals.

If passed, these new laws would make our state far less safe:

  • We could see people carrying hidden, loaded guns in public without any training.
  • We could have our colleges and universities forced to allow guns on campus, taking on enormous risk and huge costs Missouri taxpayers can't afford.
  • And a "Stand Your Ground" bill would upend self-defense law in Missouri and allow a person to shoot to kill in public places, even when they could clearly and safely walk away from the danger.

Please, stand with common-sense Missourians and REJECT campus carry, permitless carry, and "Stand Your Ground."

Tell Missouri Lawmakers: "REJECT these three dangerous gun proposals"

The Missouri Legislature only has a few more days in session this year, but there's still time for them to pass three dangerous gun bills that would make our state less safe, as gun extremists are doing everything they can to force these proposals into law.

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