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Tell key lawmakers in Boston: Pass a Red Flag law for MA!

We've been asking Massachusetts lawmakers to pass a life-saving Red Flag law all year. We need a law to empower Bay Staters to prevent tragedies — like mass shootings and gun suicides — before they happen.

Our representatives will vote on this bill — the question is when. Tell your representatives to push this bill to a vote NOW.

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Massachusetts has long been a leader on gun violence prevention, but we need to keep leading by passing a strong Red Flag law as soon as possible. Nearby states are stepping up to take action — Red Flag bills have been signed into law in Vermont and Maryland by Republican governors. Massachusetts should be next.

H.3610 is a Red Flag law that would create an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO), a court order that family members and law enforcement can request to temporarily restrict a person's access to guns when they pose a significant risk of harming themselves or others. This would empower Bay Staters to prevent warning signs from turning into tragedies like mass shootings or gun suicides.

I am proud of the members of the Committee on Public Safety & Homeland Security for supporting this bill; it was reported favorably out on April 17th.

I urge you to follow the committee's lead and continue our state's legacy of gun safety by requesting a vote on H.3610 and supporting a Red Flag law that will help keep Bay Staters safe.

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