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Join Us in Holding the Gun Industry Accountable

Guns are the number one killer of kids and teens in America, and they create so much fear, grief, and trauma in our communities, as proven with recent mass shootings in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay, California. But it does not have to be this way.

Students are ready to take on the gun industry, but it will take all of us. And if you are ready, sign our petition to join us in holding the gun industry accountable >>

For far too long, gun manufacturers have been able to flood our communities with guns and get away with it. Every year, the gun industry rakes in approximately $9 billion by selling things like assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and silencers, while gun violence kills 40,000 people in America and wounds twice as many. Companies like Glock and Smith & Wesson refuse to tighten their supply chains or clean up their marketing practices, despite the fact that they are the top two producers of crime guns in this country. And the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the firearms industry trade association, protects these companies, working behind the scenes to relax gun regulations and ensure gun makers are never held accountable for their deadly products. .

The gun industry has spent decades creating this killer business, and we’re paying for it with our lives.

We’re demanding that gun makers step up and take action to save lives by:

  • STOPPING production of assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and firearms that are easily modified to shoot faster.
  • CALLING OUT bad actors in the gun industry and refusing to work with them.
  • MARKETING their products responsibly and honestly, including by not marketing them to kids and teens at all.

  • ESTABLISHING a code of conduct that requires gun dealers to secure their inventories, flag repeat customers, and refuse to sell to questionable buyers.

Disclaimer: We will share this petition with the NSSF to show support for holding its gun industry members accountable, but we will not share your address or contact information.

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