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Tell Your MA Lawmakers to Support Gun Safety!

Massachusetts lawmakers are nearing a critical deadline to advance three important gun safety bills! If lawmakers don't advance these bills by February 5, they won't be able to consider these important measures until 2021.

Send the following message to your lawmakers urging them to advance H2091, H3843, and H2045 >>

Dear Lawmaker,

As your constituent, I am writing to urge you and your colleagues to advance three important gun safety bills before the upcoming February 5 deadline.

Though current Massachusetts law requires someone complete safety training before they receive a permit to carry a concealed handgun in public, that training doesn't have to include firing an actual firearm. H2091 would ensure that anyone receiving a concealed carry permit first receives live fire training.

H3843 is a bill that would regulate undetectable, untraceable firearms, commonly known as "ghost guns." Do-it-yourself (DIY) gun manufacturing is profoundly dangerous, allowing anyone to build untraceable firearms on demand at home with 3D printers or from parts and kits widely available online. It also allows people who cannot legally purchase firearms to obtain a gun without a criminal background check.

H2045 would expand the contents of the report published by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, which analyzes data that is crucial to investigating gun crimes and preventing gun trafficking.

Please support these bills and urge your colleagues to do so as well.

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