Sign the Open Letter: Stop Exploiting Campus Sexual Assault

In a profoundly cynical move, NRA-backed legislators are exploiting the national conversation around campus sexual assault to force guns onto college campuses.

That's why Everytown is partnering with Know Your IX, a national student-led campaign against gender-based violence, to demand an apology from Fiore and Baxley.

Add your name to the open letter: Tell lawmakers to apologize for blaming victims of sexual assault, and to stop exploiting campus sexual assault to push the gun lobby's agenda.

Nevada State Assem. Michele Fiore and Florida State Rep. Dennis Baxley:

We demand an apology for your recent statements regarding guns and campus sexual assault. We refuse to remain silent while you exploit the anti-sexual violence movement for your own dangerous agenda.

Assemblymember Fiore, you said that "young, hot little girls on campus" need to arm themselves in order to prevent sexual assault. This statement implies that victims are to blame for being assaulted because they failed to have a gun at the ready.

Representative Baxley, your assertion that women could prevent their own rape if they had a firearm denies the reality that the vast majority of campus victims are raped by a partner, friend, or close acquaintance -- people around which we would never think to carry a gun, let alone use one.

Forcing guns on college campuses would arm assailants and give them yet another tool of violence against their victims. We call on you to apologize for these cynical statements and to stop exploiting the issue of sexual assault for your own extremist gun agenda.

Sign the Open Letter

Assem. Fiore & Rep. Baxley:

Stop exploiting the problem of sexual assault to promote the gun lobby's guns on campus agenda, and apologize for your recent statements.

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