Georgia is on the verge of becoming the first state to force colleges to allow guns on campus this year -- including in places like tailgates, disciplinary hearings, and even on-campus daycare centers.

But the Governor has the chance to veto this dangerous bill -- and he's already expressed some serious concerns about it.

Send a letter telling Gov. Deal you reject this attack on student safety and that he should veto this dangerous bill.

Dear Governor Deal,

I'm writing to urge you to reject guns on campus and veto HB 859, a dangerous bill that would force Georgia colleges to allow loaded guns on campus -- even at tailgates, in disciplinary hearings, and in on-campus daycare centers.

College is a time for educational growth, but also comes with increased risks -- including binge drinking, high levels of stress and anxiety, and risky behaviors -- which is why adding guns can be a dangerous and deadly mix.

Any parent concerned with their child's safety would seriously think twice about sending them to a school where their classmates may be armed. You have expressed serious concerns about HB 859, with which we strongly agree. Signing this bill would seriously damage Georgia's national reputation of excellence in higher education, and could result in parents around the nation deciding not to send their children to college in Georgia.

17 states rejected guns-on-campus laws last year, and for good reason. Take Texas, the only state to pass guns-on-campus legislation last year, and is now experiencing top professors quitting their jobs rather than teach in classrooms where students may be armed. Georgia could become the first state to pass guns-on-campus legislation this year unless you veto this dangerous bill.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to veto HB 859.

Most sincerely,

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