Call Your Senators Now

More than 65,000 people have signed the petition asking Congress to close the loophole that allowed the Charleston shooter -- and thousands of others every year -- to buy a gun with an incomplete background check.

And they heard us.

New legislation has been introduced in Congress that would get rid of the three-day time limit on background checks. And newspapers across the country -- including the The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal -- are shining a light on the consequences of this deadly loophole.

Now, we need to know if your senators will answer the call and support this simple policy: No completed background check, no gun sale.

Use the form on this page to call one of your senators. When you reach a staff member or a voicemail box, tell them the following things:

  1. Tell them your name and where you live.
  2. Tell them you're calling to ask the senator if they'll stand with you and support a law to require completed background checks for gun sales.

Make sure to say thank you before you hang up.


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