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Groceries, Not Guns: Send Kroger a Message

A grocery store is one of the last places we should expect to see someone openly carrying a loaded weapon. But Kroger, the largest grocery chain in the country, has policies that allow customers to openly carry guns in its stores -- where moms and their kids shop every day.

Numerous shootings and gun rallies have taken place at Kroger brand stores in recent years. The company policies that have enabled this to happen are not in line with its core values, which include creating a "safe and secure workplace and shopping environment."

Most states have weak gun laws that let people openly carry guns even if they haven't had a background check or training. Private businesses like Kroger have the responsibility to protect their customers when the law won't.

Target, Chipotle, Starbucks, and other businesses have already responded to petitions from moms and supporters urging them to adopt common-sense gun policies in their stores. Now, we are calling on Kroger to do the same and protect families who shop in its stores.

Sign the petition by using the form on the right, and automatically send a message to Kroger's President and CEO asking them to adopt gun sense policies that will keep families safe in Kroger stores.

Groceries, Not Guns: Send Kroger a Message

TO: Michael Ellis, President and COO, and W. Rodney McMullen, CEO, Kroger Family of Stores

Please keep your employees, customers, and their families safe from the threat of gun violence by prohibiting people from openly carrying weapons in your stores.

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